Structural engineers reports

Structural engineers' reports

Structural engineers reports

Structural engineers

Structural engineers reports provided by the experts

Structural engineers reports are based upon a visual inspection of all accessible parts of the building both internally and externally. This is to determine whether there is any evidence of movement, foundation subsidence or other structural problems.

Structural engineers reports exclude non-structural items such as the roof coverings, finishes and decorations, unless there are signs of damage or disruption of structural significance. Dampness, timber infestation and an appraisal of the services are also excluded. However, these aspects are included within the scope of a more comprehensive building survey report.

The following issues are considered in the report:

•  The nature and adequacy of the wall construction (for example whether solid or cavity brickwork/blockwork, stone, concrete, timber or steel framed)
•  Assessment of the walls for cracking, leaning/bulging and distorted door/window frames
•  Assessment of the floors for sloping, deflection and excessive springiness
•  The adequacy and stability of the roof structure. External examination is from ground level, aided by binoculars. Roof voids are inspected, where safe access will allow
•  Structural alterations, such as the removal of load bearing walls or chimney breasts
•  A desktop review of British Geological Survey Maps, to assess likely ground conditions and the influence of any nearby trees

If the inspection is confined to one readily defined area of concern, a specific defect report option is available. For more information, call Alex Rosen Associates Ltd today. Working throughout Lincolnshire and the East Midlands.
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Please note: 
We do not provide valuations or "homebuyer" reports, or consider other aspects such as boundaries and searches etc. External observations are from ground level, aided by binoculars, and our fees do not include for any opening up, moving of furniture, lifting of carpets, exposing foundations or drains/services tests. Specialist testing can be arranged if required, for an additional fee.
For structural engineers reports in Lincolnshire and the East Midlands, call Alex Rosen Associates Ltd today!

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